Derby Litigation

download-4While many famous cases involve personal injury lawyers, sometimes with big names the cases are a bit odder. Because the Kentucky Derby is a magnet for the rich and famous, there are a lot of big pocket books at the race. And sometimes, money isn’t lost betting on horses, but in the courtroom. While the Kentucky Derby is usually a fairly civil sport, that doesn’t mean that everything is on the up and up. Below are four cases involving the Kentucky Derby.


Predatory Lending Scandal

You win some, you lose some, and then other times, you win the big race but get pulled into a mess of legal troubles. Paul Reddam, owner of the 2012 winning horse I’ll Have Another, allegedly preyed on West Virginia with predatory loans. The court stated that Reddam and his company, CashCall, Inc., and online lending company out of Anaheim, CA, charged interest rates as high as 99%. And since it’s illegal to charge more than 18% in West Virginia, Reddam’s horse probably wasn’t the only one forced to retire.


Fantasy Horse Racing

While fantasy football has become a huge industry, fantasy horse racing is apparently not looked upon as favorably. Website Derby Wars came under fire by the Stronarch Group, the owning company of many horse tracks throughout the United States, citing that the Derby Wars was in violation of federal law due to wagering on horse races. Derby Wars, on the other hand, said that their activities were a horse of another color, saying that they merely held contests and catered to fantasy sports only. However, it was these very contests that were said to be in violation of the Interstate Horseracing Act of 1978 which limits gambling to the racetracks.


What’s in a Name?

While you would think a dispute may arise from two horses having similar names, this legally murky water is actually about a pie of all things. Kern’s Kitchen in Louisville, KY, are not afraid to go after anyone selling what they call their Derby-Pie. In fact, they’ve already taken action against a couple of local establishments, even though they have closely guarded their recipe. Similar to a pecan pie, even though others have called there pies “Derby Pie” or even “I Can’t Call It Derby Pie”, the Kern’s have sunk their teeth into anyone trying to take a slice from them.


Rapper the Game Gets Sued

When you promise to play the Kentucky Derby, they tend to not like it when you fail to show up. But rapper the Game did just that, leaving the entertainment company Dream Team Entertainment LLC wanting their money back, and then some. Part of the $525,000 they demanded included their $35,000 deposit, as well as a $30,000 cancellation fee. The reason for the Game cancelling? Because he wasn’t the headlining act. It looks like when booking entertainment for the Kentucky Derby, it’s important to find an act that makes sure the horse race is the only game worth caring about.


While finding quality personal injury lawyers may not help you with your pie suit, it’s still important for your case. Be sure to visit our site for the best in Kentucky legal advice!


  1. Famous Kentucky Lawyers

Kentucky has a long, proud tradition of bearing great lawyers in our state. That’s why when you need personal injury lawyers, you know a Kentucky lawyer will fight hard for you. And if you need a little history lesson to convince you, here are some examples of some of the greatest lawyers in our nation, all born right here in Kentucky.

Louis Brandeis

Louis Brandeis has an impressive résumé. He graduated from Harvard Law School with the highest grade in the school’s history. He fought for the citizen’s right to privacy in the late 1800s, single handedly shifting the landscape of the law with a single Harvard Law Review article. He produced a book slamming predatory banking practices and helped create the Federal Reserve and attempted to form the Federal Trade Commission to fight monopolies. He was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Wilson, where he served as one of the most celebrated Justices in the court’s history.

John Marshall Harlan

John Marshall Harlan has an interesting story. Born to a wealthy family in Kentucky, he first served the public as the Attorney General of Kentucky. As the Civil War erupted, he supported the Union, but was pro-slavery. He did reverse his views post-war, but is famous for being the sole dissenter in the Civil Rights Cases of 1883, as well as the landmark Plessy v. Ferguson case of 1896. He was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court in 1877 where he served until he died in 1911. Due to crippling debt, he actually taught law on the side at Columbia.

Frederick Moore Vinson


What is impressive about Frederick Moore Vinson is that he served in all three branches of the government. He served in the House of Representatives for twelve years, elected from Louisa, Kentucky, before becoming President Harry. S. Truman’s Secretary of Treasury. Truman then appointed Vinson to the position of Chief Justice of the United States, being the last Chief Justice nominated by a Democrat President in the nation’s history. He fought for equal rights, most famously holding that if states were going to uphold the ideal of “separate but equal”, facilities had to truly be equal.

Abraham Lincoln

Although Illinois may be the Land of Lincoln, he was a Kentucky native first. The Great Emancipator went on to teach himself law in Illinois where he joined the state’s House of Representatives. He remained there for twelve years before being elected to the United States House of Representatives, where he only served one term. He returned to practicing law in Illinois before returning to politics and becoming one of the most popular and famous presidents of our history until his assassination. It was Lincoln who abolished slavery, first through his Emancipation Proclamation, and finally through the implementation of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution that he fought to have passed.


There’s obviously something in the water here. That’s why when you need personal injury lawyers, your best bet is with a Kentucky firm representing you. Whether it was an accident, medical malpractice, or other issue, you won’t find better representation anywhere else.

  1. Weird Kentucky Laws

Every state has weird laws on the books that no one has bothered clearing out. And while it’s funny to read them, some odd laws certainly stick out more than others. While this isn’t necessarily something that will assist you in choosing your personal injury lawyers, it is fun to take a walk through the law in knowing that something had to have happened to cause these to be instituted in the first place.

Selling Dyed Ducks

If your favorite color is blue and you’re in the market for a baby duck, I may or may not have some bad news for you. KRS 436.600 is a law that firmly states that it is illegal to dye a duckling blue and then sell it. The exception here, of course, is that you may perform this action if you are selling more than six of the freshly dyed ducklings. Because if you have a dyed duckling guy, you’re going to want to purchase more than a half dozen of them. Odder still is the fact that this became law in 1966 and carries a maximum penalty of $500.

Bad Dogs and Passing Cars

Now, admittedly, there’s a difference between a “dumb law” and a law that was simply poorly worded. This law belongs to the latter. Ordinance 0-5-2001 was written to protect citizens from bad dogs, calling it the Revised Pet/Nuisance Ordinance. And while this is a good thing to have, it boils down to dogs are not allowed to harm, annoy, cause discomfort or injury to others. This is certainly necessary, but the law includes “molesting pedestrians or passing vehicles”. That’s right; if you think it’s bad what dogs may do to your leg, I imagine it would be even worse to a car that’s driving past you.

Egg on Their Face

For better or worse, KRS 437.050 was repealed in 1975. However, before it was repealed, the law made it illegal to throw objects at a public speaker. It didn’t matter if it was eggs, tomatoes, shoes, or anything else you could get your hands on; if you interrupted a public speaker via “throwing missiles of any kind”, you would be subject to fines upwards of $500 and even spending a year in prison. Worse still is the fact that you couldn’t hurl insults; that law protected the speaker against “the use of insulting or offensive language or opprobrious epithets applied to the speaker”.

Register Your Bees

Although repealed in 1948, and by what I can assume were by very tired beekeepers, this law was originally written in 1922. Due to this law, KRS 252.130, all bees entering the state of Kentucky had to have had a certificate of health explaining where the bees were immigrating from, as well as that they did not suffer from any contagious or infectious diseases. Note that this law applied to all bees, not bee hives; that’s a lot of paper work that went on for more than twenty years. And considering I’ve never heard of anyone developing the Bee Flu, I’m not entirely sure why this law was written in the first place.

  1. Frivolous Lawsuits

When you need personal injury lawyers, you need a team that’s going to take your case seriously. Unfortunately, sometimes people take lawsuits a little too seriously. While it may have sounded like a good idea at the moment, when you take a step back and look at the situation objectively, it may not have been the right decision.

Beer Goggles

False advertising laws exist to protect citizens from fake claims made by big corporations. And while we all know that buying certain sneakers won’t make us jump higher or eating certain cereals won’t make us run faster, apparently someone thought drinking beer would make him more attractive. Richard Harris sued Anheiser-Busch for $10,000 because he felt he suffered “emotional distress” that women weren’t flirting with him despite drinking beer like the guys on TV commercials did. Also, he didn’t know that too much beer makes you feel sick. The court didn’t side with Harris and actually tossed the case out, leaving him no more attractive or rich.


Don’t Forget the Sprouts

A Los Angeles woman unintentionally started a class action lawsuit against sandwich chain Jimmy Johns. Not because people were getting sick, or that prices were being tampered with. No; Heather Starks was suing for false advertising and for fraud because the menu board showed that the sandwich she ordered had a picture that included sprouts topping the item. Her sandwich did not have them, leading her to sue on grounds of violating California’s False Advertising Act. While they aren’t paying out money, the company has issued digital coupons and are being forced to donate money to charity based on the amount of people joining the suit.

Being Really Bad at Your Job

There’s being bad at your job, and then there’s this story. An employee of the city of Lodi, CA, drove dump trucks. While arguably it’s safe to assume accidents happen in the process of operating a large truck, the man backed the large vehicle into his car, damaging it. Rather than simply contacting his insurance company, he attempted to sue the city employee who caused the accident for $3,600. However, it’s illegal to sue yourself. Rather than save face and drop the case, he attempted to sue again, this time as his wife. Although this, too, was deemed illegal, she actually tried suing for more money, bringing the suit up to $4,800.

A Family Affair

Now, sometimes you do the right thing and the media blows it out of proportion. What happened was a New York City resident was tackled to the ground after an especially eager hug by her nephew at his birthday party. In the process of being knocked down, she wound up breaking her wrist. She simply wanted his parent’s insurance company to cover the cost of her medical bills; a reasonable request. However, as she is from Connecticut, she had to follow her state’s law, which means she had to name an individual, not a company, as to who she was suing. As a result, she was vilified as the evil aunt suing her young nephew, although in reality, she was just trying to do the right thing.






  1. TV Kentucky Law Shows

While hiring personal injury lawyers may not be as exciting or glamorous as television makes it look, Kentucky has long been a hub for producing great lawyers. And a result, Hollywood has set its sights on our state for shows concerning the law for generations. From the days of black and white screens to today, Kentucky has been a constant source of TV entertainment, especially regarding the law.


Justified takes the law into its own hands with a unique formula not so prevalent on the small screen. U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens fights against the mob using tactics which would have been seen in old Wild West films. Much of the show is set in the eastern portion of Kentucky in and around the Appalachian Mountains, as well as in Harlan, Kentucky. Givens’ Spaghetti Western-style of swift justice puts a target on his back from both the mob and his superiors. This Clint-Eastwood-meets-Jack-Bauer character might just be what Kentucky needs, and two Emmy wins can’t be wrong.

Judge Roy Bean

Judge Roy Bean was a Kentucky born judge who made his way out west. An entrepreneur at heart, he gave his firm but fair rulings in what could only be seen as a highly efficient place of business: a combination general store and saloon. The judge brought justice to an otherwise unruly Texas town called Langrty, where he stood up to lawlessness. Although the show didn’t return for a second season, it was one of the first pieces of western fiction to be presented in color, despite being filmed in the 1950s. What’s interesting to note is Judge Roy Bean was a real judge and saloon owner in Texas, and although harsh, only successfully hanged one criminal in his entire career.


Reality TV always follows certain trends, with one show in a certain niche suddenly causing several imitators to pop up. This was seen with pawn shop shows, property flipping shows, and almost shows concerning family-run gun establishments. Guntucky followed the Kentucky-based Sumner family who owned and operated their own gun range, as well as the struggles that come with legally selling firearms. And by “firearms”, the producers meant anything that shoots – machine guns, pistols, even cannons. As the Second Amendment has come under scrutiny as of late, it’s no wonder the show only made it to two seasons.

Kentucky Justice

As National Geographic is famous (or infamous for) creating gritty crime-based realty TV shows, this one takes place in Kentucky. Following the Harlan County police force, they fight against drug dealers, shootouts, and the ever-growing prescription drug abuse epidemic. Armed with their weapons, the occasional tip, and their wits, Harlan County’s finest are led by Sheriff Marvin J. Lipford and his second in command, Sergeant Miron Southerland. Using a combination of patrols, sting operations, and shaking down the local dealers, the team is making Kentucky just a little bit safer every episode.


No matter what side of the law you find yourself on, having personal injury lawyers you can trust is paramount. While you might not be injured from such fantastical on-screen shootouts, having a professional team on your side is always a great idea.


The Creation Museum of Kentucky

download-1As the Bible tells us, in the beginning the heavens and earth were created by God.  Several thousands of years later, Ken Ham found and purchased forty acres of pasture in the northern part of Kentucky.  He decided to build a museum based on the “Young Earth” ideology of creationism, an idea that states that the world is six thousand years old.  This is a subset of evangelical Christianity and convincingly explains how the planet and humans came to be.  It also presents a strong case against homosexuality and other ailments of the modern world.

The museum is based off a historical reading of Genesis, the first book in the Bible, but is also an operating base for many conservative movements such as the war on gay marriage, legalized abortion and even the idea that man is in part responsible for the changes in climate.

Ken Ham is from Australia.  He has learned the ways of Americans, though, with their mega-churches that blast music and have lively lighting and music with emotion-saturated spectacles, and the ways of the theme parks and put them together.  His Creation Museum is full of the muscle laden Adam and lovely Eves with her breasts covered with healthy looking hair flowing over top of them.  There are also flying dragons, writhing snakes, and dinosaurs sprinkled throughout the exhibits. The message of the Creation museum is that the Bible is inspired by God, without error, and is the authority.  It also mixes in the message for tourists that the Book of Genesis is not only about cosmic truth and holiness, but can also be a source of Disney-quality fun for the entire family!

Most of the exhibits at the Creation Museum are devoted to going against the world’s view that has become scientific knowledge over the past two hundred years in regard to the formation of our planet and the living beings on it.  Through the displays, we are led to believe that the Earth is around six thousand years old, shown to be based on the lineage of Adam.

Whether you believe in the Christian version of creation or not, the Creation Museum is a lively, entertaining, fun filled museum for all ages.  Next time you’re in Kentucky, be sure to check it out!




Visiting the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby has rapidly become among the most troublesome races on earth to handicap. Horse racing is a rather competitive sport. There are rather few races to have a look at. Since their beginnings, the 3 races are run almost exclusively at identical locations.

Search for derby dresses in cool summer fabrics which are light and airy, enjoyment and flirty and you also can’t fail. There’s a style of ladies Kentucky derby hats for each and every woman and it’s also just an issue of figuring out what is appropriate for you. Because you can see, when you can find out the correct Superfecta combinations on Derby day, you can bring supplement which pile of money for sure. When you select a hat for aforementioned enormous day such as the derby you need to ensure you choose a hat that meets your personality.

There’s a whole festival which happens over two weeks to advertise the race, which finishes with all the last race. Hope your celebration is really a day in the races!

There are a few rules you need to follow when wanting to buy derby tickets from a ticket seller online. Some on-line brokers also provide rental options as well as tickets. Occasionally it’s just an issue of knowing where to look, and locating a seller that you’re happy with.

Buying tickets is continually tricky, but if you shop around, you’ll find a seller which will satisfy your wants. While eBay is fine if you prefer to purchase collectibles and stuff like this, you can readily get scammed on ticket purchases.

You’ve far more options regarding clothing than you do in regard to hats. In case you are visiting Louisville from out of town and plan to get there by air, you are going to want to create your flight arrangements as promptly as possible to maximize your choices and lower your expenses.

Overall, utilizing a limousine for a sporting event which includes derby is a wise move. Every time a really good jockey and a great or typical jockey are battling head to head within the stretch, also it seems the 2 horses are evenly matched, it is nearly a certainty the fantastic jockey will get to the wire first. Placing a tiny wager on your own favorite horse will produce the event even more exciting, and you’ll likely even take home some winnings!

For more detailed information, visit and Please visit their website to find out more.



Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park is home to the biggest cave system on the planet but there are various other unique and enthralling caves to go to within the area also. It has the world’s largest known cave system in the world so there is perfect cave experience for everyone.

If you’re in the region of Mammoth Cave, simply search for the National Park signs. Quite A few animals are located at the Mammoth Cave National Park. Irrespective of what your interests, you’ll locate them in Cave Country!download

Each one of these extraordinary features are found in Mammoth Cave National Park. In addition, there are many different caves and attractions in the territory. Subtle weather shifts in the cave ensure it is possible for a perceptive caver to discern outside weather circumstances, even though they may be hundreds of feet under the surface. It’s also home to the biggest gypsum dune fields in the whole world. It’s in the 3 limestone layers that humans have the ability to learn more about the cave as the passageways are excessively small to enter within the sandstone layer.

Active management, including prescribed burning, could be needed to be able to safeguard some habitats within the park. Most of them were actually excavated, along with the excess dirt was used to produce tiny mounds between a number of the sites. Combining a cave tour using a surface hike is the greatest approach to really get the full picture of the resource. In reality, it’s small compared with a number of the behemoth parks within our national system.

There are two other campgrounds located elsewhere within the park. There are just three campgrounds within the park, along with a dozen back country campsites where you might not find another soul. Headquarters campground, located a couple miles from the cave’s major entrance, is the biggest campground. Not far from the home visitor area within the park may be the lovely Sloan’s Crossing Pond.

Here you’ll discover all you have to learn about the all-natural history of the park. Flash photography isn’t permitted on the tour, so you got to depend on the lighting given in the cave. The most alluring bit of architecture within the city of Chicago.

The tiny lake created via this spring provided steamboats somewhere to turn around back within the day. In place of caving we spent a considerable period of time exploring the aforementioned ground portion of the park. At the time, several who proved employed to take out the saltpeter proved then employed to function as tour guides for the cave.

Several modest islands welcome exploration. In a feeling, the cave has its very own weather system. Additionally, land use practices away from the park impact water quality along with the life forms within the cave.


Rock Climbing in Kentucky


When you think of Kentucky, you probably see rock climbing as a non-realistic option for vacationers and locals alike. Well, you would be wrong! Red River Canyon offers wonderful Kentucky rock climbing areas


The Red River Gorge, situated in the Daniel Boone National park, boasts over 26,000 acres. For about twenty miles, the Red River runs through the gorge. The location around the river is raging with rock climbing chances with multi-pitch wall surfaces, stones and also climbing roofs to try out your over upright technique. By car, the Red River Gorge could be reached from Lexington in an hour. You could stay all weekend if you want since camping and trails are plentiful in the area.


Rock climbing is allowed through a lot of the gorge, yet a few locations are off limits. The forest rangers can give you a list if you ask, however the general rule is no climbing up or descending down on any of the arcs. Likewise, all of the routes are predetermined. Climbers are prohibited to start new paths without obtaining authorization initially from the rangers. Sorry for the downer, but you do not want to go to jail.


When rock climbing in Red River Gorge, there are a couple of areas obtaining universal thumbs up. For standard climbing, the following areas obtain thumbs up:


  1. Sky Bridge Ridge


  1. Long Wall surface


  1. Pebble Beach


  1. Fortress


These areas all have impressive climbing courses with ratings all well above five.


Sporting activity climbing presents a totally different obstacle and the Red River Gorge location meets it. Top areas such as:


  1. Armed force Wall surface


  1. Sky Bridge Ridge


  1. Pebble Beach


  1. International Town with multiple climbs up


  1. Roadside Crag


If you are new to the area, the most effective two places to strike are Sky Bridge Ridge and also Pebble Beach. Each provides a variety of climbs, which provides you the most effective opportunity to try your method as well as handle a few obstacles.


Rock climbing is also offered in other locations in Kentucky. The king of the mountain when rock climbing in Kentucky belongs to the Red River Gorge, though.


Things to See and Do Around Kentucky

Tkentucky_schildhe state of Kentucky is one of natural marvels. There are two big cities that are prominent in Kentucky; Louisville and Lexington. Both these cities have a lot of heritage and history for visitors to enjoy. There are 3 traits you will encounter throughout Kentucky: historic sites, estates, and equine ranches of famous proportions. Site visitors to Kentucky could likewise experience a selection of sporting activities and entertainment activities in an all-natural outdoor setup. The possibilities for outdoor adventures are countless in Kentucky consisting of discovering caves, golfing, biking, hiking, canoeing, riding equines, swimming and also rafting.

For tourist attractions and organizations dealing with horses, the very best place to browse through is Lexington since it has appropriately known by the title of Horse Capital of the World. As the city continues to experience development, many efforts have actually been made to preserve the ranches as well as the picturesque local landscape that surrounds the city which continues to draw visitors to the city yearly.

Lexington additionally includes a range of interior activities such as museums, antique shops, arts centers, historical sites and also excellent dining options. The American Saddlebred Gallery provides the largest list of Saddlebred artifacts while Artsplace gives an excellent exhibition of local art. For those who love the Civil War era, there are the reconstructions and historical sites at Nicholasville, Perryville and Harrodsburg.

Louisville hosts the epic Kentucky Derby horse race. The first Saturday of May is the only day the race occurs, but there is a Kentucky Derby Festival which runs for 2 weeks prior to the race. They also have the biggest fireworks display in the United States.

Louisville offers visitors a variety of choices when it concerns carrying out arts. Whether you like theater, opera, ballet, or music, you can locate an efficiency you like at either the Louisville Palace, Walden Theater or the Kentucky Facility for the Arts to name a few places in the city. If you are one who delights in art a must see is the oldest in Kentucky, the Speed Art Gallery. Louisville also offers excellent entertainment in the outdoors in locations for tourists with over 120 city parks.